Borza is a software company founded by Waseem Bashiti, Luke Kelly, and Shiva Ganesh. We believe that all businesses should leverage the power of data in their go-to-market, and every other aspect of doing business. With data, Borza enables a more equitable discovery for companies of all sizes based on what they do best, and not the size of their marketing budget.

Proudly brewed in Los Gatos, Ca

The Team Behind Borza

Here is the brilliant team that makes Borza tick. From developers to product managers, marketers to advisors, this crew has decades of experience in technology products, services, and solutions.

Waseem Bashiti
Waseem Bashiti
CEO & Co-Founder
Niveda Suresh
Niveda Suresh
CEO India operations - Engineering Manager
Shiva Bellamkonda
Shiva Bellamkonda
CTO & Co-Founder
Creighton Pyles
Creighton Pyles
Head of Experience
Luke Kelly
Luke Kelly
Investor & Senior Advisor

Our Investors

Amgad T. Husein | Ameen Hammad | Luke Kelly | Mohammed Hammad | Sami Louzi | Philip De Simone and Sequoia Capital | Waseem Bashiti

Investor relations

Why Borza Exists?

There are over one million businesses worldwide involved in the provision of technology solutions. Over 99% are small and medium businesses that struggle to be discovered online.
We think it sucks that the size of an organization's marketing wallet determines its online visibility.
We are here to change that. Join us.

Our Vision

We want to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation by making their options available in the most efficient way possible. Using data.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to be the connective fabric between millions of businesses, technology vendors, service providers, and individual consultants.

The Back Story

We get this question a lot. 

What does Borza mean?

The word Borza, in its root and many other adapted forms, means Market, Money Purse, or Stock Exchange. These languages include Arabic, Dutch, Finish French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Slovene, and many more. 

It also rhymes with Forza, which is Latin for ForceStrength, and Vigor. If you are a fan of anything Italian, you would probably recognize it from a song that we really like, Forza Italia by Spekti.

Values & Culture at Borza

Stuff we get excited about

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Small Business

Over 1M solution providers worldwide, over 99% are small and medium businesses.

We support and celebrate small businesses around the world. We will showcase small businesses in every search and in every procurement assistance recommendation.

No Pay to Play

We do not sell:
- Ads
- Promotions
- Sponsorships

What to expect from the Borza Force

Serious passion
Over communicate
Great judgment
Break through walls ownership
Solution oriented
High-performance and time are of the essence.


Our team and users are made up of individuals, teams, and organizations from different backgrounds.

Come as you are and bring your whole-self. The spectrum not only brings beauty, but power as well.

Privacy and Transparency

We will never sell your data.

We build and strive to earn the trust of millions of businesses across the globe.


We believe in Humanity Based Marketing (HBM).

The efficacy of some digital marketing mediums is questionable, especially when factoring the time and effort behind them.