How to Build a Profitable Company Page - Part 1/2

April 9, 2020

What is Borza?

Borza is the leading platform for technology solutions. We host solutions, products and services data from over 120K Service Providers in over 190 countries – we are the starting line for any technology sourcing, purchasing, and partnering decisions for thousands of Businesses and Technology Vendors alike.

How can Borza help me?

With so many Service Providers on our platform, you can leverage our entire network in order to increase your company’s digital footprint. Our company-specific profile pages give you a place to list all your tech services, solutions, use cases, case studies, and digital assets so that Businesses and Tech Vendors can find them. Through our platform, you can match and partner with both Businesses and Tech Vendors. And our upgraded plans give you access to additional features such as multiple page administrators, marketing collaboration, external discoverability, advanced analytics, and leads - amongst many other tools!

How do I get started?

Borza is easy to use! We’ve done most of the work for you by researching the industry, creating content, and building out standard company profile pages that are optimized for search. All you have to do is sign up, and claim your company page by clicking the “Managed” link at the top of the page (under “Owner or a Representative?”). From there, simply verify that you are an owner or representative of your company by entering your work email and phone number. Then you can begin filling out your profile by adding tech services, solutions, and much more.

How do I build a great company profile?

Businesses use Borza to search for technology solutions, and Tech Vendors use Borza to search for channel partners. Our platform searches focus on specific solutions, services, products, and locations. Searches turn up results based on relevancy. Results are displayed in a way that makes important data accessible, and users can make quick decisions based on company overview alone.

Given these circumstances, it is important that you fill out as much of your profile as possible. The more information that you have on your profile, the more likely our search algorithm is likely to capture relevant search terms that will be used for discoverability and matching. Additionally, the more data that Businesses and Tech Vendors have access to, the more likely they are to partner with you. See Borza’s profile as an example.

How can I increase page views?

To ensure that you show up in all relevant searches and increase the number of page views, fill out as much information as possible. Our Service Provider profile pages currently offer fourteen sections, where you can add information about your company. The sidebar includes an overview of Industries Served, Public Sector, Program Memberships, and Contact. Other sections are the About section, Technologies, Services, Questions & Answers (Q & A), Solutions, Use Cases, Certifications, and Locations.

How do I fill out or edit my profile?

To edit your company profile, claim your company page, and sign in. Add or remove information in a section by simply clicking on the edit icon for that section. Some sections, such as the About section, display as text paragraphs. For text sections, you can easily type your text into the relevant fields, and select formatting.

Other sections, such as the Solutions section, display as tags. For the tag sections, we have done the work for you. Based on intensive industry research, we’ve built out a database of keywords that are relevant to tech and IT. All you have to do is start typing, and we will suggest a tag that you can select. You can also add new tags, which will be added to our growing database.

How do I write an engaging company description for my profile in the About section?

The About section gives Businesses and Tech Vendors a broad overview of your company. To ensure that Businesses can get a quick understanding of your company, make sure that your About section is brief - between one and three paragraphs. You should include general information about what your company does, solutions, and use cases.

Why is it important to add Industries Served?

Businesses often seek industry-specific solutions. By listing out the Industries that your company serves, you convey your capabilities. You signal to Businesses that you have experience in their industry and are able to provide customized solutions that will work for them.

Why is there a Public Sector classification?

Hundreds of thousands of Businesses, Service Providers, and Tech Vendors use Borza. These companies are of various sizes and industries - as well as of varying sectors. And the same way that some Service Providers are specific to either the public or private sectors, some Businesses will only serve either the public or private sector. Based on the sector that they are in, a Business’s tech needs may change - and it is important that your company distinguishes itself in your ability to meet those needs through public / private sector categorization.

Here are some questions we answer in Part 2

What are Program Memberships?

What kind of contact information can I list?

Why should I add company values?

What types of technologies should I list?

Why are Partnerships important?

How many services can I list?

How do solutions differ from services?

Why is it important to add use cases?

I have many certifications. Which ones should I list?

My company serves multiple locations. What should I do?

What is the Questions & Answers (Q & A) section, and why is it important?

Do I need to worry about spam in the Q & A section?

How can I answer questions?

What does the Analytics section do for me?

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