How to Build a Profitable Company Page - Part 2/2

April 9, 2020

Some pages are worth their traffic in GOLD...Some more tips on how to get and stay ahead. We've made it simple.

This post is a continuation of part 1 of How to Build a Profitable Company Page, Part 1/2

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What are Program Memberships?

Program Memberships give Businesses an overview of which Tech Vendors you are partnered with, the technologies that you work with, and the services that you provide. You can use Program Memberships to distinguish yourself as a reseller, systems integrator, etc. This way both Businesses can better understand the types of solutions that you offer, and Tech Vendors can better understand where you would fit in their channel network and partner ecosystem.

What kind of contact information can I list?

In the contact section you can add your company website. Due to security concerns, we do not display emails or phone numbers (read Borza’s privacy policy here.) However, you can engage with buyers through our Q&A section and through messages on our platform.

Why should I add company values?

IT and tech partnerships don’t always have to be transactional; sometimes a little human touch is nice. When a Business or Tech Vendor is filtering through Service Providers to partner with, they need to be able to distinguish which would be a good match. By adding your company values, you are more likely to match with Businesses and Tech Vendors whose values align with your own - resulting in more collaborative and long-term partnerships. After all when all else is equal between Service Providers, shared values just might be what seals the deal!

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What types of technologies should I list?

Whatever technologies you work with! If your company specializes in a specific technology, list it. If your company is offering a discount or deal for solutions involving another technology, list that technology too.

Why are Partnerships important?

Partnerships give credibility and signify your company’s speciality. Businesses want to work with Service Providers that are credible and work with the technologies that best serve their needs.

How many services can I list?

As many as possible! In fact, we encourage you to list all your services.

How do solutions differ from services?

While there is some overlap between services and solutions, solutions may be more specific or customized. If your company integrates multiple technologies to create specialized solutions for specific use cases, it is important that you let Businesses know. Borza is, after all, a Solutions Cloud - and the solutions section gives you an opportunity to differentiate your company from other Service Providers.

Why is it important to add use cases?

Use cases are a form of digital asset that gives Businesses and Tech Vendors access to validated, up to date information on your company. These use cases help Businesses and Tech Vendors to better visualize your services and understand how those services can be used to provide solutions for their organizations. Use cases also give you an additional opportunity to engage Businesses through specific links.

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I have many certifications. Which ones should I list?

All of them!

My company serves multiple locations. What should I do?

It is important that you be as specific as possible when listing your company location. This is why you suggest that you list only your company headquarters and main locations.

While we understand that your company may serve many locations, Businesses and Tech Vendors tend to look for Service Providers within geographical areas. In fact, Borza’s search currently filters through two criteria: services and locations. When a Business or Tech Vendor searches for Service Providers, the list of search results displays the Service Providers’ locations. This lets them quickly narrow down their search by ensuring that listed Service Providers are all in their area. Keep in mind that if your company has multiple headquarters or main locations, you can always add location-specific profile pages to our platform later on.

What is the Questions & Answers (Q & A) section, and why is it important?

The Q & A section is a newly released feature that lets you engage with Businesses. All questions and answers are displayed directly on your profile page. You can also add relevant tags to make questions easier to discover and classify. Given that multiple Businesses or Tech Vendors may have the same questions, the Q & A section lets you answer that question only once while still giving these organizations the data that they need to make informed partnering decisions. This section also lends your company credibility. Because all Borza users can see the questions and answers, they will know that other users are interested in and engaging with your profile - and most importantly, that you care enough about them to take the time to give them the information they seek.

Do I need to worry about spam in the Q & A section?

In order to ensure relevancy and limit spam, the Q & A section is limited to only Borza users that are registered and logged in. These users can submit a question which will be displayed on your page, and you will receive an email notification. You may also choose to archive questions that are irrelevant.

How can I answer questions?

Whether you receive an email notification or simply log in and see that you have questions, answering is easy! At the top of your company profile, there are three tabs: Profile, Analytics, and Q & A. Select Q & A to answer questions in your inbox, and to see which questions you have posted or archived.

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What does the Analytics section do for me?

You might notice that at the top of your profile, next to the Q & A tab, is an Analytics tab. When you select this tab, you can get updated, real-time data about your company profile page on Borza. At the top, our analytics gives you an overview and highlights. You can learn about sources of traffic, the number of unique visitors, when they visited, and whether those visitors are registered or unregistered on Borza. We also offer data on bounce rate, average session length, and search results so that you can know when and how to optimize your profile page.

Our analytics feature lets you understand your target market and potential partners better. And best of all, we are constantly updating this feature to include better information and improved customizability - including an upcoming data range selector and leads that will be displayed through the “Who’s Viewing You” section.

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