What is Network Intelligence?

May 3, 2020

What is Network Intelligence?

Network Intelligence, also known as NI or Actionable Network Intelligence, is a series of activities and technologies used for the monitoring and data mining of networks such as ISPs, Cloud Computing service providers, and communications service providers. 

What is Network Intelligence used for?

NI is considered middleware in that it is used to read and analyze data packets moving through a network so as to determine the source, destination, use-protocols and other parameters of those data packets so that decisions can be made regarding cyber-security and safety, bandwidth resources, charging and billing, etc. 

How does Network Intelligence work?

Network intelligence relies on deep packet inspection (DPI) by analyzing relationships and finding correlations in data packets from various sources of network traffic.

How can Network Intelligence help in security?

For cyber-security applications, network intelligence can rapidly identify how users contact each other, who the individuals or entities actually are, and where the sources and destinations of the communications lie in terms of IP addresses and geographical locations. This information has become increasingly important both in the private business sector and in the public government sector as cyber-breaches for identity and data theft have increased.

How is Network Intelligence used in businesses?

For commercial business applications, NI helps companies at an enterprise level to manage bandwidth usage, monitor spending for network activity, enforce policy on network restrictions, provide service assurance and more. NI extends network controls, business capabilities, security functions, and data mining for the delivery of new products and services required since the emergence of Web 2.0 and wireless 3G and 4G technologies.

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