Borza is Recruiting Partners

May 14, 2020

We're unveiling a bold new employment model with uncapped income

For people who don't want their potential capped. Why do we need to play by the book? We're writing our own book for what it means to employ someone.

What is our Partner model all about?

We recognize there is an abundance of talent that is hungry to do more, and earn a lot more. The problem with current employment and compensation models is that someone, somewhere, decided that you can only make a set and defined income despite the continuously increasing value that you bring to the organization. 

We want to change that. It's simple.

Let's say you joined Borza as Partner for Digital Transformation Solutions on June 1st. By the end of June, you brilliantly leveraged your network, skill, and wit, closing $113,400, which translates to an average of seven premium subscriptions. You earn 70% of $113,400, minus payment processing fees. And you continue to earn residual across years 2 and 3 on a declining schedule.

Are you going to stop in July? Of course not, keep at it, and by December, you have earned in 7 months what many top tech execs earn in one year and have slaved for years to build up to. 

What roles do we have available?

Borza is looking to hire Partner roles in each of the following domains:

  1. Solutions Development
  2. CyberSecurity solutions
  3. Remote work solutions
  4. AI solutions
  5. IoT solutions
  6. Managed services solutions
  7. Data solutions
  8. Workforce development solutions
  9. Cloud solutions
  10. Web development solutions
  11. Digital transformation solutions
  12. Small business solutions
  13. Fintech solutions
  14. DevOps solutions
  15. Business continuity solutions

The primary role of the Partner is to: 

  1. Domain development: develop the domain on the Borza platform by signing up key vendors and service providers. 
  2. Customer success: oversee customers adoption, work with the customer to add products, services, and solutions from participating vendors and providers.
  3. Engagement: increase revenue from participating companies on the platform.
  4. Iterate as new products and solutions are released.

Location: Bay Area preferred, remote will be considered if located close to your domain companies. Please provide more details in your required cover letter.

Why are we hiring partners?

As a startup, we get many thoughtful job applicants that are exceptionally qualified; they bring a new perspective for our audience, our customers, our product, and the market. They are hungry to hit the ground running, hungry to knock it out of the park, hungry to create value—their job application beams with confidence, clarity, and never-ending reasons to hire them. 

In one instance, an applicant spent over 4 hours analyzing our platform, our site, messaging, and the whole experience. She believed in the problem we are solving and the path we offer towards solving it. Now that is a clear sign of deep interest. She is someone that didn't just click, click, click, and submit. I wish I could share her cover letter here. She packed it with laser-targeted action words followed by a descriptive but high-level summary of how she will achieve and execute on her promise.

Sounds like an essay? It was two pages long and perfect in every way.

We couldn't hire Joni. 

Our construct around what we could afford to pay in salary, bonus, and equity according to market rates and surveys limited my thinking. And it shaped the conversation negatively. We couldn't offer Joni a base that matched her expectation. Waiting for equity was not an option. 

The way we were doing things was not working out for us. We were compromising on experience, favoring less experienced individuals that didn't have the ambition to want to earn 2x or 3x the market or even more. Our process and construct didn’t favor individuals that had the burning passion to create value for themselves, their careers, and the teams they were on.

That's why, today, we are launching our partnership model.

How does compensation work?

To be upfront, this model is not for everyone. To start, there is no base pay or fixed compensation. However, Partners’ compensation is uncapped. We need Partners to earn at least $250,000 per year for this to be exciting or feasible for either of us. Income is directly related to performance and is measured by the amount of revenue you are directly responsible for.

Equity is your icing on the cake. You don't need to compromise on your short term income to work for a startup and wait for equity to appreciate. Equity grants start at 0.5% and start vesting after one year.

The caveat. You need to believe in the problem that we are solving. You believe in yourself; you are hungry, curious, eager to learn, ready to strap on your boots and work harder than you've ever worked in your life.

Create value, and you shall receive it.

How to apply

To be clear. We are looking for people who are breaking through the walls and ceiling unstoppable. 

Convincing us that you get it is not going to be hard. The effort that you put into researching Borza will quickly manifest as an understanding of the problem and what we are doing to solve it. There's plenty of information about us on the internet, and the platform is open for public use. We really liked what Joni did, and you can do the same.

If you are able to figure out the problem and why solving it matters, then you’re probably a good fit. 

Step 1- Cover letter

Step 2- Answer test questions, you can access test questions here.

Step 3- Submit via Angelist

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Borza is Recruiting Partners

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