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May 4, 2020

SaaS creates new opportunities for Solution Providers

In the tech and IT industries, no technology solution model has been more prevalent than Software as a Service (SaaS). The early 2000s saw the proliferation of SaaS, with Salesforce leading the foray into subscription-based, on-demand software solutions. Since then, SaaS has grown to encompass 28% of the tech industry. Spending on SaaS products is expected to double in 2020 and to encompass 45% of the total tech industry by 2023. In fact, the average mid-sized company currently spends $20,000 per month on SaaS products.

The explosion of SaaS has created both advantages and challenges for:

·  Businesses who buy SaaS

·  Tech Vendors who sell SaaS

·  Service Providers who resell, implement, integrate, and manage SaaS

In the midst of all this, Borza is rising to the forefront, taking on and leveraging the disruptions caused by SaaS in order to create new opportunities for each of these groups.

What advantages has SaaS created for buyers?

Prior to the proliferation of SaaS, big-name tech vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, dominated the tech stack. During this time, it was common for businesses to buy their whole tech stack from a single vendor. While a single vendor tech stack was convenient for Tech Vendors and IT Service Providers, it was not as convenient for end users. Buying from a single tech vendor led to limited competition and zero incentives for tech vendors to optimize the user experience. As a result, many businesses were left using technology that was created for administrators rather than for widespread consumer use.

In contrast to previous tech solutions, SaaS solutions follow a free or low-cost subscription model, whereby buyers can lease software on demand. This reduces the overall cost of buying technology solutions to businesses. At the same time, businesses have more flexibility as buyers. Individual employees and teams became empowered to select their own technologies, choosing those that were best suited towards their specific needs. 

Solution Providers

What challenges has SaaS created for Solution Providers?

Even as SaaS brought about new advantages for buyers, it was not so good for Technology Vendors or IT Service Providers – at least initially. With the spread of SaaS, the tech and IT spaces became crowded. Whereas before there had only been a few Tech Vendors and their channel partner networks of Service Providers – SaaS startups arose to compete with these giants and their networks.

Tech Vendors lost control over buyers’ tech stacks while Service Providers faced more complex challenges in working with multiple technologies. As a result, Tech Vendors lost their hold not only over buyers but also over their own channel partner networks. As Service Providers adapted and sought to make themselves more competitive by expanding their technology offerings, Tech Vendors began to face competition over channel partners and mindshare amongst buyers.

 What opportunities does SaaS create for Solution Providers?

After the initial disruption caused by SaaS, some Tech Vendors found their way – expanding their technologies and use cases. Both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) found new opportunities in cloud, which has been used to remotely store software and tech solutions. Additionally, as new concerns became apparent, Solution Providers arose to take on these challenges. Buyers faced new problems with integrating SaaS products; this led to the rise of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Concerns over security risks in SaaS also created a new generation of Service Providers.

So how does Borza fit into this? We are the leading cloud for solutions and solutions data. We aggregate tech solutions in SaaS, cloud, and related segments. In fact, we currently host solutions from more than 20k Tech Vendors and 130k Service Providers. Rather than focus on a single, winner-takes-all model where Solution Providers compete for buyers’ attention – we empower Solution Providers to recognize buyers’ multifaceted business needs and expand their offerings. This helps them to better target and convert high-intent buyers who seek their specific solutions. As a result, Solution Providers are able to engage more deeply with those buyers and collaborate on new use cases for their solutions – increasing performance, revenue, and overall growth.

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