Technology Vendors Crippled By Under-performing Channel Partner Digital Presence

May 4, 2020

The Channel Partnership Network: Technology Vendor Challenges

Despite having large channel partner networks, Tech Vendors attribute 80% of channel sales to 20% of their partners.... Tech Vendors face several challenges, including the disengagement and poor digital presence of channel partners. The result is that channel partners often underperform, and more than 90% of them need help in improving their performance.

Why are channel partners disengaged?

Tech Vendors often fail to effectively interact and engage with channel partners. These vendors have large channel partner networks and limited resources. Compounding these challenges is the intricacy of channel networks, which encompass a variety of channel partners who serve different purposes. For example, some channel partners work with SMBs while others work with large enterprises; some channel partners sell while others consult. Each of these channel partners needs ongoing product training, marketing materials, and performance incentives – without which they become disengaged.

Why do channel partners underperform?

channel partners often lack online presence. Many channel partner websites contain marketing buzzwords and indecipherable industry jargon that are irrelevant for Businesses who seek their services. This results in poor search rankings. In fact, search rankings of websites reveal that only 1.7% of channel partners score above 75%, and 53% of channel partners fail to reach even this benchmark. A low search ranking score results in high bounce rates and low conversions – leading to lost revenue opportunities.

How can Borza help?

Borza serves as a technology Solutions Cloud. We feature hundreds of thousands of global Service Providers on whom we provide objective, validated, and relevant data. Tech Vendors can leverage our entire Borza network and data points to engage and improve the digital presence of Service Providers / their channel partners. The result is that we drive higher performance for Service Providers / channel partners, leading to fewer lost revenue opportunities for Tech Vendors. To learn more, request demo.

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Technology Vendors Crippled By Under-performing Channel Partner Digital Presence

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