What is IT Security

May 3, 2020

IT Security

What Is IT Security?

Information Technology Security (IT Security) (also known as Computer Security or Cyber Security) is the science, strategy and technology used for the protection of computer systems from breaches, theft or damage to hardware, software or electronic data – including ID theft, as well as for protection against disruption or misdirection of the services that IT provides to companies and individuals. 

Common IT Security protocols and processes include firewalls, access control, and encryption. These tactics and more guard against threats including backdoor denial-of-service attacks, direct access attacks, eavesdropping, multi-vector polymorphic attacks (viruses), phishing, privilege escalation, social engineering, spoofing and tampering.

What IT Security Protect?

IT security is becoming more important due to the increased reliance on computer systems for financial management, utilities management, information storage of all types, and the predominance of electronic devices for managing communications and information exchange at all levels of Society. 

The Internet, wireless networks such as Bluetooth and Wifi, and smart devices including smart phones and televisions, have expanded in use rapidly since the 1990s and are vulnerable assets and resources that must be protected against unwanted cyber-incursions. 

Besides personal devices, IT applications in the workplace that run on Cloud systems, desktop and mobile devices and Intranets are all at risk of security breaches, along with digital assets stored on those systems such as intellectual property.

How Do IT Breaches Occur?

Individuals tend to be the weakest link in IT Security, but are also the greatest asset for protecting private information. Consistent education and training, as well as the continual testing of IT security systems, are the best protocols to prevent cyber-breaches. 

According to Digital Guardian, a data protection company, “in 2005, 157 data breaches were reported in the U.S., with 66.9 million records exposed. In 2014, 783 data breaches were reported, with at least 85.61 million total records exposed, representing an increase of nearly 500 percent from 2005. That number more than doubled in three years to 1,579 reported breaches in 2017.”

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