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Outsourcing Services GPS Hiring is an international recruiting company that provides the skilled talent you need to grow and expand your business.??Our technology, communication strategy and customer support process allows us to design a personalized solution that will reduce cost, minimize risk and allow you to focus on your core business. Our??strength??is in hiring highly qualified candidates to run complex tasks. Our primary focus has been support,??development and??engineering in the communications and other industries.??GPS Hiring is the perfect fit for medium to small??enterprise companies who want the benefits of a near shore workforce without the complexity and risk of managing a complicated and impersonal Business Process Outsourcing model. We give you access to skilled talent that becomes part of your team.?? We close the distance gap??for you by providing video phones to employees and direct managers as a part of the offering. Communication via video is instant and not optional increasing communication by up to 55%. Development Services Since 2009, our team has been providing outsource custom software development services. We have created solutions for diverse industry branches, helped our clients to find creative solutions and have created strong bonds with each of them. Our commitment to professionalism and quality has always remained constant; your success is our success. We deliver top quality products based on your business needs. Our development process guarantees products based on the latest technologies and customer satisfaction processes. Our developing process holds a strong and close day to day communication with our clients to ensure every business need is being satisfied the best possible way. We enjoy our jobs. We are passionate about what we do and push ourselves to doing it better every day. What we do, our services We provide a variety of services, from Word Press and Frontend development; moving forward to Full Stack, Mobile and Backend development. Our main focus is within the financial branch but we also work on other areas like healthcare and API integrations. Our clients usually have a firm grasp of their business requirements, but they may require help understanding how technology can help them bring their Big Idea to the market. Whatever the client needs, we can build it. Using the Agile Development Methodology, our certified Scrum Masters lead teams who work with your business requirements to determine the scope of work, document the process, and create a technology solution that puts the finished product in the hands of your customer. Some examples of industries we have worked are: ?????????????????? Banking and Financial ?????????????????? Social Media, Networking ?????????????????? Sales, Marketing ?????????????????? Healthcare ?????????????????? Mobile Apps ?????????????????? E-commerce ?????????????????? And much more??? How we do it We believe in the Agile Manifesto. Our mission as your custom software development company is to always be agile; a partner who is quick to respond to your needs with on-time delivery of quality, innovative, and creative bespoke software. We are here to help you and your organization to solve problems and work better together. As did many in the software industry, we suffered through the Waterfall experience with inconsistent product quality, missed delivery dates, and an inability to adapt to change. We believe in the Agile Manifesto which lives here: Custom treatment We adjust ourselves to the customer. As an added value we try to adjust our offer to the client???s needs. If we have to do 30 days Proof of Concept (POC) before starting doing business together we are happy to prove our worth. Also, when talking about startups, we may exchange development effort for equity. There???s always a possibility for doing business together and find a WIN-WIN scenario. Technologies and more We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with several different technologies. Our main area of expertise is delivering solutions using both Java and .Net. Nevertheless our portfolio of customers has given us the opportunity to perform research and development with a very broad set of technologies. Here is a short list of technologies we can offer our customers: ?????????????????? Java: Spring, Jersey, JPA, Hibernate, JMS, Jetty, Netty, JSP and much more. ?????????????????? .Net: WF, WCF, ASPx, MVC, Entity Framework, Reporting Services, Win32 ?????????????????? Mobile Solutions: Android, IOS, Xamarin ?????????????????? Database: Postgres, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra ?????????????????? Frontend: Angular, NodeJS, VueJS, HTML5, CSS ?????????????????? WebServices: SOAP, Rest ?????????????????? Other Techs: Wordpress, PHP (Zend, Laravel), Perl, Python, RoR ?????????????????? Continuous Integration methodologies: Jenkins, Cruise Control ?????????????????? API and Platform integrations: oAuth, Banking API, Social Network API ?????????????????? Hardware integrations: Pinpads, Check Scanners, Barcode Scanners We have been tested in the past and we have proven we can adapt ourselves to any requirement and technology our customers need. More than a service provider we function like a technological partner. Our goal is to help our customers be successful in their software development requirements. Therefore we help them to conceptualize the solution, create the architectural definition, proceed to develop and implement it and finally we help with the final and critical stage of delivering the solution. We also take care of the proper support required after the product is launched. We are proficient in providing the specific solutions team to our customers. If the requirement is to create a conceptual design, or just help out on the frontend side or the backend side or even maybe a full stack development team, we commit in finding the perfect fit. We work the way you need us to work It is also important to let our customers know that we adapt ourselves to their needs. If the customer requires an end to end development (classic product development delivery process) or if there are looking for an extension of their current development team, or even if they require us to become their development team, we will provide the necessary assets to help them achieve their goals and terms. Like mentioned before, we help our customers in specific areas of need, such as conceptualizing the solution, providing architectural design and various alternatives, researching for best market options, create the right ecosystem for their app or product, develop the specific business areas, clarify and solve any technical doubts, define backend process, to name a few. GPS Hiring thrives on helping their customers work and solve their technical problems the way they need them to be solved. Thanks to our team and their vast expertise we have the capacity of understanding the requirements as well as the technology business and also identify potential hazards so that any development we take on is a success. Why Costa Rica Some of the benefits you can count on when working with us are real time coordination, no or slight time difference, cultural similarities, same day travel and same work day, among others. We like to create long lasting partnerships with our clients, building not only a business but also a friendly relationship. As we are located on a privileged geographic location we can offer all the benefits of near shore outsourcing. We work when??you??work. Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone... the??same as Chicago and Houston. Also your intellectual property is safe, thanks to??extremely favorable IP laws. One of the world's oldest and most stable democracies, Costa Rica eliminated its military in 1949 and invested heavily in higher education (22 colleges and universities) We have become a smart and motivated workforce. We love our homeland and tend to stay, unlike some tech workers in Eastern Europe. That means??continuity for your project The workforce is fluent in English and Spanish. Just a 3.5-hour flight from Houston (fly into the international airport in San Jose, "SJO"). Costa Rica is great for leisure and pleasure. ?? Visit our volcanoes, beaches, mountains and the rainforest. World???s most biologically dense country. ?? Friendly environment, tourism is always welcome ?? Snorkeling, surfing, hiking, paragliding, scuba diving, river rafting. Adventures for everyone! ?? Costa Rica is a safe place. ?? Bird sighting and wildlife, literally everywhere. ?? No language barrier.?? Key Aspects ????More than a client we become partners. ?? We accompany the partner in each stage of the development process. ?? With our agile methodology we accomplish our goals in little time. ?? We help assess the partner on the technical solution. ??We become much more than a development team, we become a key player within the organization ??By joining forces we become a strategic partner to help grow the business ?? We work when??you??work (we're in the US Central time zone) ?? We're fluent in English. ?? We're only a 3.5-hour flight from Houston ??GPS Hiring engineers have industry-specific experience ?? We stay in touch (we're online and available to discuss your project). ?? Long lasting business relationships ????You will want to come visit Costa Rica; it is an amazing place do business.

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